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Quantum Leap Physics Quest Kit

Quantum Leap Physics Quest Kit


In Spectra's Quantum Leap Tesla Junior High is in ruins after H. Toueaux destroyed the gym during the big swim meet. The gang is scattered among 3 different middle schools as they wait for their school to be rebuilt. When Lucy's mom takes their ancient mini-van to Black Body Repair she gets a little more than she bargained for. Owner and chief mechanic Pauli Black gives the van more than new brakes, she gives it a quantum kick. Can Spectra's laser powers stop The Quantum Mechanic's super powered machines from wreaking havoc on their small town? With the gang so spread out, Spectra will have to use both her laser powers and the quantum additions to her mom's mini-van to save the day. In the associated activities students will learn about the rainbow and why it's ROY G. BIV and not GO VYBIR, see what's beyond the visible spectrum using a CD and glow-in-the-dark square, and use food coloring to explore the fundamentals of the atom. Students will also use play dough and toothpicks to explore the mathematical difference between doughnuts and doughnut holes. In the last activity students will use chopsticks and a t-shirt to learn some fundamental math concepts while they learn new ways to get dressed.

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