Spectra 10: Spectra’s Energetic Escape Comic Book

Spectra 10: Spectra’s Energetic Escape Comic Book

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The students at Tesla Junior High are thrilled to hear that their favorite magazine, Fetch, has selected their school to be profiled in its upcoming issue. There's just one twist—they aren't profiling the whole school, just a select 16 students that will be competing in 24 hours of challenges to win tickets to see the latest, hottest boy band: the Free Radicals!

As usual, however, things don't go as planned. Your students will learn about energy and motion while they help their favorite middle school students escape the accidental catastrophe caused by Nolan R. Gibbs (N.R.G.), the editor in chief of Fetch. Learn about energy transfer in pendulums, build a pinwheel powered by potential energy, explore energy and friction, and experiment with bouncy ball rockets! See who makes it to the concert...or even makes it out alive!

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